Wednesday, January 2, 2013

About Friendship

I composed this letter for a dear friend.
A friend who is like a brother... and a sister too! (He practically knows what type of clothes and colors look good on me.) One lesson I learned from him about friendship is they keep secrets inside a jar and you take them with you no matter how far. And bury them forever. Don't forget to teach your dog not to dig it! A must! tee hee!
Here's the letter...


Believe in Love and Understand its Eternal mystery.
The year when I was experiencing the most ravaging time of my life. I thought I was happy. I knew I was. I was confident. I never had any doubt. Or was I hiding from something? Something that I can't reveal to anyone. Not down because of a strong positive mental attitude, I carried on to my journey. Endured to the end. Not feeling tired I gave my all (like I always did).Without complaints. Without weariness. Without trepidation.
I was hoping to find a better opportunity (my fervent prayer). But every time I got one I always feel like I'm losing another. Someone told me (read my palm) that I have great chances of becoming rich but I always let the chance passed me. According to him, I have so many things in mind. I have a lot of things I want to accomplish all at the same time. Well, he's right. Nevertheless, there was this one thing that I didn't miss. This person that I have always been dreaming to meet. Someone whom I can share my emotional state, my opinion. Someone whom I can share things that cannot be told to anybody. Someone who would consider my tears and laughter, soberness, craziness, generosity, erratic behavior and my frenzy deportment as a good source of something that can be desired--goldmine.
Then we met. I found the person at last. Although at first, (I thought) we would never click. Funny and smarty pants he was (is and always will be). White skin, red lips, sponge hair (whatever that is), humorous, and big appetite. That's how I saw him, first time. (That's how I see him now.) He was my trainer by the way. Yes. He was my accent trainer. (Funny) I was a trainer myself. I teach exactly what he was teaching. Different style, same goal. He was okay. He was good. I hardly get impressed unless you are really good. But he was different. There's something about him that makes me laugh (in a nice way). The sense of humor of this guy is unbelievable! He was super!
And I discovered how he rules his life, the people around him, his family, his cherished friends, and everything that was created. I unearthed the raison d'être why people adore him, why people love him. He has such a great influence and he has a good heart.
It’s been four years since we’ve met. Destiny brought us together. I have treasured every moment we’ve spent together. Good and bad. And even the most poignant part of our adventure together. Nothing can beat seventh heaven. The sound of laughter that we shared is what separates us from others. We are invincible together. With him I am me for the first time. No affectation. With him I am free. He cared for me. He appreciated me. He loved the people who are dear to me. He welcomed my ideas. He accepted my opinion. He thwarted my opinion. He respected my decision. He held me when I’m about to fall. He picked me up when I was down on my knees. He understood me. He led me to my true North. He loved me.

Our friendship is incomplete.
It’s not perfect.
It’s painful.
It’s not envied.
“If an opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” So, he left after building that door. I’m half-crazy without him around. Now, I realized how excruciating it is when you needed someone, when you are about to explode because the shoulder that you used to lean on is a thousand miles away from you.

Hey! You! Yes, you. James Defeo Ortilla
I appreciate you. I miss you. I love you. I am still emotional about all this. I hope to be with you soon (it’s my fervent prayer). If not this time, the next lifetime. (The latter is more important to me.) Otherwise, I’ll fly back to Utopia.

And to all those people out there, who already knew him, still getting to know him, and who wants to know him, you did not make a mistake. You are not making a mistake. You just got yourself blessed.

No promises. No guarantees. But without doubt, with this man it is one heaven of an experience! It’s a yielding street to happiness. An amity lane. Unfathomable rapport.

I’m speechless. Words are not enough to express how I feel. Haha!
Our path will cross again. I’m at an advantage. With the same prowess. With a bigger smile. My arms will be geared up to hug you. Until you’re home… you never left my heart anyhow.

Jusqu'à ce que nous nous réunissions encore. 

The TRUTH about friendship is that it lasts as long as you do your part. You make a good person out of your pal. You tell him straight to his face if he's going off track and lead him to the straight and narrow path. He teaches you how to close your eyes, fold your arms, bow your head, and stand on your knees. He educates you that the most important thing about friendship is becoming one to others. It is a LIE that you have to pretend to be someone else to please your friend. Let this be tattooed in your mind: You just be who you are! ---------- Peace ^_^

A friendship is not a BIG thing, it's a small little things.